Kellie Patry
Hospitality & Immersive Design





Paradiso is a tropical oasis in the concrete jungle, with a view of the moon from a plush lounge.

It is a tonic for the daily pressures of life, a place that heals the mind with exquisite aroma and tamber. Paradiso invites its clients to slow down, stay a while, relax, talk, listen or simply drink in the ambience and pass through.The layout and seating encourages bodily passivity and introspection. No pressure. No worries. Paradiso exhibits rich,soft woven colors, evokes Afrocubism, and evinces the Transcendental mindset.

Key is Paradiso’s visual use of dappled light, in the form of skylights. Natural flora and fauna remind us of that much needed vacation. Immersive, Dreamy, Meandering Paradiso is layered in taste, sight and sound.

Paradiso, visually, will place second to the sounds that infuse vibe and life directly into the location. The lounge will be sensual, olfactory and sensitive. The musical sounds starts slow, builds to quirky beats and end each night with uptempo jazz and reggie.  We pause only to start it all over again, in the warm light of day. Humor and laughter will linger in this holistic experience.

The Venue, Features and Benefits

A walk through of the facilities

Feel welcome at Paradiso, the guest experience starts before you open the door. However, We plan on reinforcing their explanations right from the very start though our Host Desk. The Host Desk allows for a tasteful pause into the establishment rather than the typical sterile “man trap”.  Our guests are legally visiting us, seaking education and connection, this awareness is promoted at the Host Desk. While the fiducial requirement is that this space serves to address and prevent security breaches. Our visitors will be graceful and hospitality welcomed though our record shop, yes this is a pun.

Features at the Host desk

  • Our Hosts will visually verify members (no cost membership) and Identification prior to entry

  • Our Hosts can assist with registration

  • Self Registration, at the provided ipad kiosk is an optional way to interact with the Host.

  • Our Hosts, will assist with group events and product awareness.

  • Guests will feel secure knowing that the entrance is screened and their safety is our paramount concern.

  • Hosts schedule the budtenders on the cannabis bar. However, a visit to the Cannabis Bar is not required.

The Paradiso Wellness Bar will offer organic natural foods, juices and coffee. Guests can order and selectively add pre-measured elixirs or eat pre-packaged edibles at the wellness bar. Tracking and regulations will be addressed in this menu so that we continue to meet State, local regulations and procedural requirements of Apothecarium West Hollywood.  The Wellness Bar focus will committed to promoting a separate and unique amenity within Paradiso though holistic food and beverage offering.

Features at the Wellness Counter

  • Full kitchen Support

      • Organic Food from the Grill

      • Fresh organic Juice and/or Smoothies

  • Lunch and Dinner Menu

  • Late Night Menu

  • Early Menu, for the committed athlete

  • Addition of skylight for natural light

  • Counter Seating at Beverage Bar

      • Coffee, Tea and other beverages

The Apothecarium West Hollywood budtender counter will be the focal point of the main lounge area. Here guests will experience the full line of the services and products provided by Apothecarium West Hollywood at this bar.

Features of the Budtender Counter

  • State of the Art Inspection magnification. To allow for visual inspection of the cannabis products.

  • Scent Jars for olfactory inspection

  • Featuring our specially trained Budtender

  • Chilled storage of Cannabis to maintain freshness

  • Visually reinforce our holistic service model

The Main Lounge, surrounds the Apothecarium West Hollywood Budtender counter like a stage. This area serves to support the Cannabis bar.

Features of the Main Lounge

  • Smoking Lounge

  • Social Interaction

  • Addition of Skylight, due to limited visibility from the street

Subscription Lockers at the Paradiso. Guests can, by subscription, use air cooled lockers to store paraphernalia or materials at the location.


  • Lockers are a subscription based amenity, not required

  • Air cooled to maintain product freshness

  • Access limited to subscriber

  • Doors will have vision glass for security inspection

Design Statement

Key Words

  1. Visual; Urban Jungle Retreat + Laboratory | Apothecary

  2. Texture; Soft and Woven

  3. Perception; Sensual, Olfactory and Jazz Sounds

  4. Branding | Graphic Language;

    1. Novelty Graphic Patterns

    2. “Rousseau” Jungle Themes  to Afrocubism

    3. Palate Link

    4. Social Marketing Link & Link

  5. Musical Vibe … Progression

    1. Starts slow, environmental sounds .. rain.. (early)

      1. Quiet, reflective ...meditative

    2. Buildup to Jazz / Soul / Quirky Beats (lunch) Link

      1. Allows conversation

    3. Climbs to uptempo; jazz, reggie (dinner)

      1. Humor, laugher ...allow to be louder

    4. Ends with a DJ;

      1. Movement, joy, grooves