A design practice dedicated to immersive hospitality design. Starting with paper and pencil, continuing until the idea of the experience and the execution of that vision creates places where individuals, families, colleagues and customers can come together.

Honeycut | Downtown LA

Upon entering a gritty LA alley, no one knows what to expect as they descend into a raw unfinished basement. The venue is a two-part experience, supple and rough; both a reflection and inverse of the streets above. 

Mingle on the stage or the lit dance floor while enveloped by the quick pace of the room's; light, sound and energy.

Change of pace again; in the cocktail lounge  luxurious furnishing, soft materials and unique design. The cocktail lounge that is meant to feature the delicate thoughtful menu by reflecting handcrafted details in the design.

Honeycut does not draw on any specific reference rather it hopes to inspire. We created the environment at Honeycut to expose a person to the surprise, wonder and spontaneity that is possible in a bar and lounge. The design and location provide an egalitarian opportunity for exploring music, culture and a well-crafted drink.



Scene 01 - Discotheque

Lit Dance Floor

Hand Finished/textured wallpaper on wood paneling

Steel and Wood Bar top


Custom Upholstered Booths

Drapes (only at stage)

Raised stage area

Graphic Wallcover


Scene two - Cocktail Bar

Custom Lighting

Custom Diamond Tufted Booths

Hand made tables

Custom Hand made stools with upholstery

Steel and hand finished bottle displays

Mirrored ceilings

Plaster Later - details with custom hand applied finishes

Concrete floors

Chinoiserie wallpapers