Our Approach

Brands are recognizable relationships. They are the fusing of something we think about with something we can see, touch, taste, feel and hear.

Brands are not logos. They are the brick and mortar that cement the relationship between your product, your value and your audience. They are the building blocks of legacy. They transcend momentary trends.  The best brands move alongside a changing landscape, growing, evolving, becoming better.

KELLIE PATRY is not a branding agency. We are an environmental design agency.  We work with brands, helping them to build, to clearly define themselves, to stand out in a crowded marketplace where design, reputation and customer satisfaction are paramount.

KELLIE PATRY designs and builds solid structures with the flexibility to spotlight familiar experiences across different markets and platforms.

We keep our focus on the foundation design and work with our partners to insure that all the moving pieces stay on brand.