A design practice dedicated to immersive hospitality design. Starting with paper and pencil, continuing until the idea of the experience and the execution of that vision creates places where individuals, families, colleagues and customers can come together.

Blacktop | The Arts District


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The body of my work is driven to express identity and the Blacktop project was the perfect client for this discussion. 

The interior and the sites namesake evoke the shared visceral memory of the American open road.. The design itself is an homage to roadside architecture and more importantly the American experience.=

drive on by

say hello

meet up with friends

make new friends

stay awhile

chit chat with coffee

The choices of the interior materials from the painted pine paneling, douglas fir counters, and the anaglypta wallpaper shelf backs are intentional and specific to an American design vernacular. The design is accessible, useable, and unpretentious. It is the way in which we organise that materials that makes the design original not the materials themselves.

I realize it is popular to use the phrase storyteller, I am not a story teller. Design is merely the set that allows the stories to unfold at a specific point.